Kane County Connected (KCC) is an initiative that builds community networks using social media.
These communities connect people through common interests and activities that highlight Kane County as a premiere place to live, work and invest.

Puzzle Piece Sports and Recreation Promote and encourage physical fitness throughout the county. Puzzle Piece Moms & Dads Develop a solid network to help parents raise strong, successful families. Puzzle Piece Employers Expand employment opportunities in Kane County and make it a great place to start a business.
Puzzle Piece Pet Owners Educate pet owners on proper pet health and to aid in the increased adoption of shelter animals. Puzzle Piece Gardeners Promote the activity of gardening by supporting existing groups and events. Puzzle Piece Taxpayers Establish electronic focus groups that could help shape fiscal policy.
Puzzle Piece Global Ambassadors Promote Kane County throughout the state, country and even internationally. Puzzle Piece Youth Create an environment where youth understand, appreciate, and participate in public service. Puzzle Piece Green Advocates Help those who live, work and visit Kane County to be better stewards of our environment.
Puzzle Piece Veterans Connect needed services, disseminate information and provide discussion forums for those who have served. Kane County Seal Kane County Government Calendar Calendar

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Charging Station Image

Taking Charge

​Kane County’s electric vehicle charging station at the 3rd Street Courthouse is growing in popularity. Since its installation in 2012, the station has been used 633 times—which equates to a savings of 385 total gallons of gasoline and a reduction of 1290 kg of greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere! (Data as of 8/21/14)

Looking at the Bright Side

Upgrading the lighting in Kane County’s two dozen facilities is no easy task. Since 2009, Kane County has improved lighting efficiency at about half of its buildings by replacing old fluorescent lighting—upgrades made possible by over $385,000 inFederal and local grants! Installing occupancy sensors helps to further reduce electricity consumption at many of the buildings.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Kane County is keeping sustainability in mind when replacing broken appliances and other equipment. Since Energy Star-rated appliances can use half as much electricity as older models, the County’s facilities will reduce energy consumption and costs over time when choosing more efficient equipment.

A Breathe of Fresh Air

Kane County is currently developing an idling reduction program to reduce emissions at its facilities and help protect employee and visitor health. Stay tuned for details.